Make & Take! Tiffany's Top Web 2.0 Tools - Grades 6-12
Librarian Tiffany Jervis
Improve your classroom and library with Web 2.0 tools including: Edmodo, Zondle, Build Your Wild Self, and more!
Story Power: Inside Bruce Hale's Writing Workshop - Grades K-8
Author & Illustrator Bruce Hale
Take a peek inside author Bruce Hale's Story Power Writing Workshop, which he has conducted in schools across the country. Discover more about the creative process, story structure, and engaging methods for teaching writing. The session will be culminated by creating a story together.
iPad iDeas - Grades 9-12
Librarians Amanda Davis & Cristy Bolton
Learn and share iPad apps and awesome lesson integration ideas.
Tips for Success at National Conferences - Grades K-12 & Academic
Librarians Linda Roberts and Vicki Van Becelaere
Have you ever been to a national conference? Hear why you need to attend a national conference such as AASL, Mid-Winter, ALA, Fall Forum, etc. We will share our experiences and suggest how to prepare and navigate amazing conferences.
Where I'm From - Grades K-12
Author & Librarian Cheryl Hudson
Students research their home state and write a "Where I'm From" poem that ties their activities with the places from their home state. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, Movie Maker, and Audacity, students create a movie about their poem.
Alexandria Cross-Platform Automation System - Grades K-12
Alexandria Representative Mike Voseipka
Alexandria Library Automation: Check it Out! Fully integrated, cross-platform, web-based library automation system used and loved by thousands of librarians. Learn how Alexandria will increase the worth and value of your wonderful libraries.
Rethinking Online Discussions: From Boredom to Engagement - Grades 9-12 & Academic
Professor Rajesh Singh & Technology Manager Yvonne Ballester
Improve online discussions with more sophisticated social media tools such as blogs and Blackboard. Surprising survey results will be shared assisting educators in revamping their instructional approaches to online course discussion, resulting in increased student learning, sharing, and engagement.
Reaching Reluctant Middle School Readers - Grades 6-8
Librarian Cathy Coronado
A panel of middle school librarians will lead a discussion how to entice reluctant readers in your school. Participation is welcome!
Using the iPad with Bloom's Taxonomy - Grades K-12 & Academic
Professor David Pownell
This session demonstrates iPad apps matched with Bloom's Taxonomy creating learning at every grade level. From remembering to applying to creating the revised model, this framework guides educators to improve student learning.
Media Matters - Learn about the iPad Media Camp, Video Games, and more! Grades K-1
Digital Learner Wesley Fryer
Enjoy videos from an iPad media camp, Minecraft timelapse building, games, and storytelling. Learn how library media specialists are helping students as well as teachers develop digital literacy skills alongside curriculum content knowledge by "Mapping Media to the Common Core." By focusing on the creation and sharing of different kinds of media products, librarians can help learners engage in higher order thinking, problem solving skills, oral language fluency, and more!
That All May Read! Talking Books - Grades K-12 & Academic
Reader's Advisor Dana Carter
Celebrate the opportunities of Talking Books and learn the various features and services. The streamlined process offers a wealth of resources and one entire novel on one cassette. Learn about individual and institutional services.
Dream, Create, Inspire your Students and Staff with Tablets! Grades 6-12 & Academic
Librarian Earl Givens
Participants will experience the value of patron surveys and learn how to create and implement a survey, QR code, and more.
Trends in Transliteracy - Grades K-12 & Academic
Librarians Juanita Jameson & Cindy Pfeiffer
Transliteracy is the ability to read, write, and interact across a range of platforms, tools, and media through handwriting, print, TV, radio, and film to digital social networks. Presenters will share ideas from conferences, and discuss the range of transliteracy skills in an online environment.
Entertaining and Educational Edmoto Apps - Grades 9-12
Librarian Marcy Sandberg
Learn how to incorporate Edmoto and other iPad apps in high school research. Weave current technology tools into your lessons.
Football Literacy: Using the Gridiron Game to Get Boys (& Girls!)Are you ready for some football? Grades K-8
Author Dan Verdick
You'll march down the hall and score touchdowns with your readers! Includes a list of top football books and resources; surprising stats on football's popularity; how it continues to break records; ways to include media literacy, multi-generation research projects, and American history studies using the NFL. Great strategies for getting boys and girls to read with a demo of "Inside the NFL." This football database is for elementary & middle school readers from Sports Zone, an imprint of ABDO Publishing.
Free eBooks, Technology, and State Library Databases - Grades 6-12
Kansas Online Librarian Lianne Flax
Learn about the updated statewide audiobooks, eBooks, databases, and other services available 24/7 free of charge through the State Library of Kansas.
The Inside-Out Classroom - Grades 9-12 & Academic
Professor Noreen Templin
Turn the classroom inside-out; incorporate technology infused Common Core Standards; place the responsibility of learning on the student
Aligning Common Core and AASL Literacy Standards - Grades K-12
Library Director Brenda Lemon
Learn how to align and integrate solid teaching strategies with Technology, the AASL Literacy Standards, and the Common Core Standards
Inspired to Write - Grades 6-12
Author Angie Durborow
The author of "Declarations of a Fat Girl" will share experiences dealing with a complicated and difficult world. You will laugh and cry during this entertaining presentation encouraging students to engage in creative writing.
Tools for managing professional information overload - Grades K-12 & Academic
Heather Braum, Digital and Technical Services, NEKLS
Lighten your load! Don't struggle or stress about information overload! Tips for maintaining sanity in an information rich profession will assist you.
Vote for Books - Grades K-6
Librarian Jenny Gorup
Integrate Kids Voting in the Library using Children's Literature. Librarians will be provided with lesson ideas and plans for a school wide election including ideas for incorporating technology.
Developing the Brand: Taking Charge of Program Identity - Grades K-12 & Academic
AASL President Susan Ballard
For far too long school libraries have been defined by out-dated perceptions about our programs. As a follow up to the keynote address, we'll review the “top ten” things you can do” at the local level to develop a positive brand identity for your program.
Oh, the Horror! Getting Monsters, Ghouls, Zombies & Vampires in your Library! - Grades K-12
Author Dan Verdick
Books so good they're scary! Don't be scared about horror in your library - it's one of the best ways to reach reluctant readers and increase circulation. This fun session looks at the roots of the horror genre, shares resources for collection development, and offers ideas for displays and programs. Resources for titles from second through twelfth grades will be shared.
Julie's Best Picks for 2012 - Grades K-8
Librarian Julie Tomlianovich
Julie picks her favorite children’s books from 2012 (so far). They do not have to be on a notable list to make this best picks list, but they may be, funny, sad, informative or just her preference. These titles are for the classroom and the school library


Supporting the Digital Research Process with Digital Tools - Grades 6-12 & Academic
Librarian Lindsey Hogan
Attendees will be guided through a typical library research project starting with search terms and concluding with a final product, LibGuides, digital notecards, and citation tools.
Primary Sources bring Kansas History to Life! - Grades 6-12
Author & Librarian Ronda Hassig
The Abduction of Jacob Rote provides a historical fiction account of Quantrill's 1863 Raid on Lawrence through the eyes of a real teen boy. Creative examples of Kansas History lessons using primary and digital sources in the classroom and the library will be presented.
Students Involved with Senior Citizens - Grades 6-12
Author Ann Parr
Middle and high school students pair with senior citizens recounting historical events then create memorable WWII projects.
The State's Command of the Common Core - Grades K-5
KSDE's Dr. Jackie Lakin, Kris Shaw & Matt Copeland
Text Complexity and the Common Core Standards grades K-5 for English Language Arts, Literacy, and Math emphasize the importance of students having regular practice reading complex texts. Overview and "in action" opportunities will be provided
How AR is relevant in the Common Core era - Grades K-12
Renaissance Learning Representative Jennifer Burns
This session outlines specific and practical ways to use AR to address
key points in ELA Standards. If you don’t have AR, you’ll still find real value in FREE Renaissance resources you can access today to support the CCS ELA goals!
Dealing with Depression - Grades K-12 & Academic
Authors Amy Viets & Bernadette Stankard
When depression strikes, it affects more than the depressed person. Learn practical ways to deal with depression and to help students you work with who may experience depression in their families.
Save Paper! Digital Case Study Analysis: Moving from Paper to Video Response Format - Grades 6-12 & Academic
Dr. Robert Allen Moody
Switch from the traditional four-hour written comprehensive exam to a one-hour Skype videoconference. Prepare graduate candidates for their final exam and case studies assignments. Graduate students used Google Presentation, Screencast-o-matic, Youtube, and more.
The Forbidden Banned Books Celebrate 30 Years of Liberating Literacy - Grades 6-12
Librarians Dee Stoecker & Desirée Moore
Praise the Freedom to Read! Enjoy a lively discussion of banned books, contemporary and classics, as well as successful programming strategies for promoting banned books in your library.
Science Technology in the Elementary Classroom - Grades K-8
Professor Mary Duncan
Bring the Elementary Science classroom to life with technology. Learn how students become engaged in the world and outer space. Visit and take home websites infusing the Common Core Standards with Science.
Take a Bow: The Publishing Process - Grades 6-12
Author Elizabeth Euhlberg
Join Elizabeth for more than the average "Sweet Valley High" romantic tale of writing. Learn how she went from being a music geek in high school to a publicist then a full-time writer. Learn how she turns the original seed that's planted for a story to an outline and finished book. Learn how music, dance, travel, and the publishing industry have impacted her life.
Change Screen Monsters to Motivated Readers - Grades K - 8
Professor Dusti Howell
Since more students are spending more time on screens and less time reading, what are the side-effects? Techniques will be shared how to get kids reading more.
The Music behind "The Little Piano Girl" by Mary Williams - Grades K-8
Author Ann Ingalls
Explore the history, types, and styles of art in Children's Literature, linking art activities with engaging tidbits. The author of "The Little Piano Girl," the childhood story of Mary Lou Williams who was the most prolific composer and arranger of all time, will share strategies.
The Advent of Web Scale Discovery Tools: Research Effects in Higher Education and Beyond - Grades 9-12 & Academic
Professor Joelle Pitts
Web Scale Discovery is a new breed of library research providing a single platform to search a library's books, databases, archives, and more. Learn about tools Kansas institutions have adopted or on the verge of adopting.
Wonderful William Allen White Awards - Grades K-8
Author & Librarian Beverley Buller & WAW Executive Director John Sheridan
The 2013-2014 William Allen White Award Master Lists will be introduced. Celebrate the 60th anniversary!
Open Educational Resources and Collaborating with Teachers for Student Success - Grades K-12 & Academic
Heather Braum, Digital and Technical Services, NEKLS
Make the move from traditional textbooks and learn about the emerging trend of Open Educational Resources (OER) and collaborate with teachers for student success.
Not Complex - Just Text Complexity and the State's Command of the Common Core - Grades 6-12
KSDE's: Dr. Jackie Lakin, Kris Shaw & Matt Copeland
Text Complexity and the Kansas Common Core Standards grades 6-12 for English Language Arts, Literacy, and Math emphasize the importance of students having regular practice reading complex texts. Overview and "in action" opportunities will be provided.
Tired of the OMG, LOL, BRB!? Student Communication in the 21st Century Classroom -Grades 6-12
Librarian Abby Cornelius
Research proves that students learn better in online communication. This session will help attendees understand how to integrate online communication in the classroom and develop an online community for learners. Attendees will leave this session with the ability to create and use online forums and gain an understanding of best practices.
Creating a Buzz about Books - Grades K-5
Librarian Debbi Maddy
What is Buzzing in your World? Ideas for generating excitement about reading will be shared.
Picture Books Aren't Just for Children - Grades 6-12
Librarian Carin Barwick
Use creative picture books to introduce sophisticated topics to middle and high school students. Practical examples will be provided.
Beyond Caldecott: The Importance of Art in Children's Literature- Grades K-5
Librarian Carin Barwick
Explore the history, types and styles of art in Children's Literature and learn some fun activities linking literature and art. A Bonus Bibliography of illustrators who hide things in their pictures will be shared!
Win the KASL National Conference Award and Fly to AASL! - Grades K-12
Librarian Sherry Turnbull
Did you know KASL offers one librarian a chance to attend the national AASL conference with $1,000 expenses paid? Learn about the AASL conference in Minneapolis and how to apply for the award for next year’s conference in Hartford, Connecticut. If you are interested in travel, new colleagues, and the best professional development, this is for you!