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The Inside-Out Classroom - Professor Noreen Templin

The Inside-Out Classroom**[1]**: Vicissitude for Blended Learning
VIEW THE VIDEO: http://youtube/U24B-20EXOk

As an instructor, I want to engage students in the subject of economics, so I must take a more collaborative approach with the students. The improved technique is to change the class from a traditional lecture class to an interactive blended learning class through the experience of absorb, do, and connect.
A blended learning approach combines face to face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities to form an integrated instructional approach. In the past, digital materials have served in a supplementary role, helping to support face to face instruction.[2]
Turning the classroom inside-out into a blended learning environment entails reorganizing the class structure. The students absorb the material before class, actively engage the concepts in class, and then connect the material after the class.
The traditional lecture format in the classroom now moves outside the classroom to the online environment. In addition to reading the material, he lectures or content portion can be recorded by the instructor. This allows students to have the opportunity to absorb the material prior to class through listening or watching the lecture content online.
Once the pre-work of lecture content has been completed, the classroom time can be used for activities to engage the students. The best active learning for economics is for students to participate in economic experiments. Experiments necessitate the student to make a decision versus watching a simulation. For example, using supply/demand scenario, the student must make a decision on how much he/she would need to be paid to shave their own head (supply) and what the student would pay to see someone shave their head (demand). With this data, the instructor can derive a graph of these numbers. By having to make a decision, the students have actively engaged in learning supply and demand.
After the class, the work again goes outside where the students must connect the information. This involves application with discussion questions in an online forum or observation short answer questions. In the supply/demand example of shaved heads, the students read the article ““Fake cancer woman starved herself and shaved hair for two years to con friends and family out of thousands dollars”[3] and answer questions on observation and decisions. What dollar amount would you shave your head? Why did you choose that amount? Would you give money to this woman? Why or why not?
The inside-out classroom gives students and the instructor an interactive engaging learning environment by changing the class experience to absorb, do, and connect.

[1] Richardson, L. (2012, May). Turning your classroom inside out. NEA Higher Education Advocate, 29(3), 6-9.

For more information please contact Professor Noreen Templin at

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