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LEAN ON ME – Libraries Matter
Music: Bill Withers; Lyrics: Bruce Hale

Sometimes in our schools, things can get bad
Things can get hairy
But if we stay cool, we’ll find a place
In the library

Read with me, help me along
‘Cause you are the ones
All teachers lean on
Now we must stay strong, ‘cause
Libraries need somebody to lean on

New Kindles and Nooks
Movies and books
And all things Dewey…
That’s what you will find, but to my mind
Something is screwy

They just chop off your budget
And tell you to cope
And that makes it harder to read on
‘Cause you can’t fill a bookshelf
With moonbeams and hope
And kids won’t get smarter
If they don’t read on

Research queen, Internet king
Technical whiz – that’s a librarian
But, with all these things
Half of your school
Still calls you Marion.

So just shush all the big wigs
Who drive you to drink
‘Cause they make it harder to read on
And it seems they’ve forgotten
Who taught them to think
Still you just work smarter and read on

Go, tell all the world
Things may be bad; they could be badder
But not while you’re here
‘Cause it’s so clear
Libraries matter

They matter (x6)
(Sing it out now)
(Tell the governor)
(Tell the world, now)
They matter.